Winter 2021-2022

Written on 03/30/2022

Welcome to Spring 2022. We are sure that you are aware or have personally witnessed that there is a lot of damaged turf out here. Whether your turf is just stunned, bleached out, mottled or outright gone, the damage is widespread and concerning.
Winter damage affects everyone. The damage is reported throughout the Northeast, New Jersey to Maine with Connecticut caught right in the middle. Winter damage is indiscriminate, budgets do not matter. Preparations and procedures seem ineffective. The most proactive and progressive plans for winter protection seemingly haven’t escaped this wicked winter weather.
The best solution now is to communicate, communicate and communicate some more. Please reach out to your neighbors, trusted advisors and most importantly your friends and family. There are many avenues of support and information available in our chapter, make use of them and let your clubs know that you are actively networking and addressing this challenge.
There have been several communications that have been disseminated by our commercial members, other golf course superintendents and allied chapters, all communicating the challenge and the best path forward. Brett Chapin, President of the MetGCSA, sent out a strong message with links to the USGA and Steve McDonald. There have been several in depth emails from Pete Gorman and John Garcia from Atlantic G&T, Jay Popko of Winfield has also responded with some great information and links to successful strategies. Jedd Newsome has organized a meeting at Springfield CC, Springfield MA, he will be hosting Dr. Michelle DaCosta of UMass on April 1st. Jedd has extended an invite to anyone who would like more information on winter injury. A head count is required so please contact him directly via text. (413) 250 6408

This is a compilation of a few of the responses that have been published so far and we are sharing them in case you haven’t already seen them.  CAGCS has been in touch with the CSGA, and they have offered to help communicate the current challenge. The CAGCS mission statement is, Devoted to sharing knowledge and experience for better turf.  Please reach out to CAGCS, lean on those close to you and share with your colleagues your challenges and successes.

CAGCS Board of Directors